3 Reasons to Ditch Your to Do List

Kelly Nolan Time Management Coach

Ditch Your Overwhelm Just By Ditching Your To-Do List

Just by ditching your to-do lists for a modern working woman’s time management method, you’ll ditch your overwhelm, get more done, and actually enjoy your free time.

I’m Kelly Nolan, an attorney-turned-time management strategist and mom. I help professional working women get it all done with less stress using realistic time management strategies.

In this free guide, I’ll walk you through:

  • Three reasons you should ditch your to-do list, and

  • Three tips of what to do instead.

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Business Owner Time Management Erika Sinner

“My favorite part of working through Kelly’s method is no longer having a to-do list. I didn’t realize how much it weighed on me, but knowing I have a game plan in my calendar to get it all done and have time to do it… indescribable peace.”

     – Erika Sinner, Founder, Directorie, St. Louis, MO


“Kelly really understands the pain points of trying to balance different roles, and of trying to manage the influx of ‘stuff’ that happens on a daily basis. Kelly teaches a system that’s easy but captures everything and puts it into a realistic context.”

     – Nicole Cohen, Associate IT Director, Mount Sinai Health System, NY, NY


“Now I think that I couldn’t afford NOT to take [Kelly’s] program. It has changed the way I looked at time and the way my mind processes it. This was a game-changer for me. I am now much more hopeful and a lot calmer.”

     – Monica Campbell, Attorney

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