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When Your Calendar Overwhelms You

Listen on Apple or Spotify Putting everything in your calendar we do in the Bright Method can be overwhelming. Let’s go over reasons why it’s worth playing through the discomfort. —To take my free 5-day program, the Reset and Refresh, click here: Full Transcript  Episode 41. When Your Calendar Overwhelms You [Upbeat Intro Music] Kelly Nolan: Welcome to […]

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Let’s make your life less stressful through the nerdy power of time management

Dig into actionable, realistic time management strategies designed for the professional working woman that mold to you.

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Welcome! We're all about realistic time management designed for professional working women here in this little pocket of the internet. I'm glad you're here.

This is a little outside my lane but relevant to many women I work with, so let’s discuss when hard work is worth it – and when it’s not. Resources mentioned: Years are Short spreadsheet Career coach/consultant recommendations (recommended by others; I have not worked with any of these people) A full transcript of this episode […]

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Someone reached out to me and asked for any recommendations I had for a career coach/consultant-type person who could help with the decision to leave law and find a new career. I didn’t have anyone particular in mind, so I asked people on Instagram if they had any recommendations. Specifically, I asked: “Someone I know […]

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Listen on Apple or Spotify No matter how awesome we are at time management, there are just parts of our jobs that are stressful. Dr. Chelsea Pierotti, a social psychology professor and mental performance coach, joins us to discuss how to manage that stress more effectively so we can show up in the way that we want to. […]

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Listen on Apple or Spotify Part of realistic and effective time management is acknowledging how limited time is, which can be frustrating. Let’s talk about some approaches to take to make us less focused on the frustration and more focused on what we do about it. —To take my free 5-day program, the Reset and Refresh, click here: […]

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Listen on Apple or Spotify If you’re struggling with time management, a critical thing to realize is that your time management struggles are not a character flaw – they’re just symptoms of you using a system you likely learned around middle school to manage your ever-more-complicated life. Let’s talk about it – and what to do about […]

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Listen on Apple or Spotify When you’re scrambling to hit deadlines, it’s smart to take a step back and ask, “Where are all of these deadlines coming from?” Many deadlines come from us, which is great news because anything in our control is easier to fix. Let’s talk about how to give ourselves more breathing space […]

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Listen on Apple or Spotify One of the most effective time management strategies is working with – and not fighting against – your energy patterns. Let’s dig into more on it and talk about how to do it.  Referenced episodes: — To learn more about and sign up for the Bright Method 8-week program, click […]

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Listen on Apple or Spotify If you’re like most of the women I work with, your relationships, including your friendships, are the most important parts of your life – more important than work or home logistics. So, let’s talk about how to use your calendar to help you show up as the friend you want […]

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Listen on Apple or Spotify Whether you want to decide some long-term plans now or NOT, this episode is for you.  You can download the accompanying guide (including more examples than I share in the episode) here.  I also mention:  — To learn more about and sign up for the Bright Method 8-week program, click […]

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Realistic time management designed for professional working women

I'm a former big law attorney who got overwhelmed as a first year and slowly pieced together a time/task management system that actually reduced my stressed, helped me stay on top of it all (and know it), feel confident drawing boundaries, and soak in time with my family and friends. I'd love to get you there, too.

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