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I’m Kelly Nolan, an attorney-turned-time management strategist. Here’s what people have said about my practical & realistic time management system, the Bright Method™️:

“In 15 years of reporting on productivity tools, I thought I’d tried them all... Then former litigator Kelly Nolan, a time-management strategist who works mostly with high-achieving women, surprised me with a deceptively simple system... 

“The method has solved my issues of being chronically overbooked and under-rested... One month in, I’ve found myself more likely to find time for passion projects... I’m also finding it easier to say no to work and social opportunities.” 

Bloomberg Businessweek, Article by Arianne Cohen

“I feel like I have found the map I need to navigate myself through the waters of kids, my business, my interests, and other obligations. It's felt so overwhelming to do everything in the past, and now I feel a sense of calm about getting done what I want to get done.”

Katie Martens,
Lawyer & Mom 

“I am definitely the busiest I have ever been in my life – working full-time at a pretty high-stress job, having a partner who works full-time, and having 3 kids who each have their own unique schedules with school, activities, etc. And yet… I am also probably the most relaxed/calm I have been in a very long time (ever?)… I still just cannot believe how relaxed I am AND still on top of everything… I’m so grateful! This has sincerely been life-changing.”

Rachel David,
Physician & Mom of three

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a bit more about me in case you're curious

Hey there! I’m Kelly, an attorney-turned-time management strategist, mom of two, and not naturally organized person.

Despite being decently organized through law school, becoming an actual attorney threw me for a loop. As a patent litigator working at a big law firm in Boston, I grew frustrated with how much time I wasted trying (and often failing) to slog through my never-ending jumble of to-do items and email. Not only that, but my confusion about how to get it all done caused me a lot of stress and a weird level of embarrassment for not knowing how to manage it all.

Over time, I created my own time/task management system and found new abilities to focus at work with less stress, be present with friends and family, and take breaks – and actually enjoy them.

I now work with women exclusively on time management so women can find clarity and confidence about how they spend their time, feel effective, drive their business/career forward, and soak in time with family and friends. My system, the Bright Method™️, has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, and my work has been published in Forbes, Fast Company, Parents, and more. Over 180 women have gone through my Bright Method 8-week program. Each of their careers, families, and preferences are different. And that’s the beauty of this method: it molds to your life. And it gets you results.

Let’s get you feeling more calm and confident about how to manage it all. And you’ll be surprised at how much fun we have in the process.

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