Email Mini-Course – TBL

reclaim control of your inbox

In this short’n’sweet on-demand course, you’ll learn how to ditch your email anxiety and spend less time in your email inbox, more time focused on real work, and more email-free evenings and weekends enjoying the parts of life that light you up.

testimonial for Kelly Nolan Time Management

“For me, this course was life-changing. The thought of my inbox was stressful and overwhelming. This course taught me some amazing time-saving strategies and ways to manage my email so that I could actually focus on other tasks. I now have a clear sense of what each day is like and no longer dread looking at my inbox.”

– Holly McCall, Portland, OR

testimonial for Kelly Nolan Time Management

“I got my work inbox down to 0 today! A first in years.”

– Page Ulrey, Lawyer, Seattle, WA

Protect Focus time from constant email interruption

Learn when to process email so you’re both responsive and able to protect focus time for the real work during work hours

Process Email More Efficiently

Learn how to handle email effectively, including how to structure your folders & leverage your calendar

Save Time While Drafting Emails

Learn tricks to help you write emails in less time

clean up the backlog

Learn how to deal with your email backlog without spending HOURS wading through it

How it works:

  • You get immediate access to video lessons that’ll take you less than two hours to watch that walk you step-by-step through my actionable strategies so that you can take control of your email right away – or at your own pace.

  • You get a guide laying out the steps so you don’t have to take notes feverishly throughout the lessons.

  • If you’re not happy with the course, just send me an email within 7 days letting me know, and I’ll refund you your money in full, no questions asked. I’m confident in this product, and I want you to be as well.

  • Get instant access to the email course right below

testimonial for Kelly Nolan Time Management

“I definitely got my money’s worth. I never knew what to do with some of the niggly emails in my inbox… where they should go, or how I would remember to follow up on them. Now I do, and my stress level has decreased. I am much more organized.”

– Liz Babb

Hi! I’m Kelly.

I’m not naturally organized –– so I get how overwhelm happens and feels.

As a patent litigator working at a big Boston law firm, I grew frustrated with how much time I wasted trying (and often failing) to slog through my never-ending jumble of to-do items and emails. Not only that, but my confusion about how to get it all done caused me a ton of stress and a weird level of embarrassment for not knowing how to manage it all (even though no one had ever taught me how!).

Through research and experience, I found clarity about how to use my time, a new ability to focus and be present with friends and family, and an ability to actually enjoy my downtime.

I now work with women exclusively on time management so women just like you can find time clarity and confidence, feel effective, drive their business/career forward, and soak in time with family and friends. Since email management is a huge pain point on the time management front, this short’n’sweet course aims to help you with that narrow but painful issue.

I live in California with my husband (an emergency room physician – so I get weird schedules!), our three-year-old daughter, and our original baby, the world’s sweetest black lab, Olive.

Let’s hang out and get your life organized. And you’ll be surprised at how much fun we have in the process.

testimonial for Kelly Nolan Time Management

“With an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth and a law degree from Boston College, as well as big law firm experience, Kelly is smart as a whip – and she understands how law firms and complex organizations work. She has a PhD in decluttering and organizing… Kelly is worth her weight in gold. Five stars across the board.”

– Rick Waite, Partner, Keeney Waite & Stevens