Managing To-Do's

Giving ourselves permission to punt out tasks and projects

February 11, 2021

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“Never put off til tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” – Mark Twain

As funny as that quote is, it’s SO true.

I’m a huge believer that, so long as you can still make the deadline with wiggle room, you should push things out as much as you can.

Why? Because you know more stuff is coming down the pipeline – right?

We shouldn’t only build in wiggle room for the stuff that’s already on our plate. We’ve got to build in wiggle room for the stuff we’re not yet aware of but that we know is coming.

To do that, we need to leave space in our plans (i.e., our calendars) so we have that wiggle room.

To-do lists don’t let you do that. In fact, they weirdly make us feel like we’re supposed to do ALL those things RIGHT NOW.

We need a system that lets us sprinkle those to-do’s over time AND that lets us PUNT THEM OUT. If you know something could be done in two weeks, push it out. If you know something could be done in a month, push it out.

If you’re thinking, “that would stress me out – I want to get it all done right now,” let me push you to ask yourself why. Is it because you’re afraid you’ll forget to do it if you don’t do it right now? And/or is because you don’t want to stare at it on a list of the next two weeks?

What if I could show you a system that helped you punt things out in a system that you could trust to remind you to do the things when you need to AND get it OFF your plate for the interim?

A system that helps you free up your time and still get things done in a much less stressful way?

Because that’s EXACTLY what I teach in my group program.

If you want to learn my whole time management method, The Bright Method, for bright women seeking bright lives, you can check it out here.

Let’s get you a system that helps you manage it all with less stress and more breathing space.

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