How Is My Time Management Method Different Than Things You’ve Tried in the Past?

May 6, 2021

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Welcome! We're all about realistic time management designed for professional working women here in this little pocket of the internet. I'm glad you're here.

I teach professional working women a method for managing career, personal and family time with less stress and more clarity.

If you’re like Past Me and many of my clients, you’ve tried other time management strategies or apps in the past to no avail. So you may be wondering how this system will help you while others have failed. Great question.

Here are three ways that The Bright Method™ is different from other methods you might have tried:

1. It’s designed for professional working women by a professional working woman

When I struggled with time management as a new attorney, many of the strategies I came across were designed by men, who seemed to have a lot more support at home than I did. Not only do women often not have the same level of support at home, but we’re often the ones providing that support. Double whammy. It’s no wonder systems that assume more support than we have and don’t factor in the heightened support we give don’t work for us.

As someone who practiced law as a patent litigator for over five years, currently runs a business, has a 3-year-old daughter with another on the way, a dog, and is married to an ER doctor with an ever-changing schedule, I understand playing a ton of different roles, managing the long to-do lists that come with each, and managing that mental load.

The Bright Method™ takes all of this into account and helps you manage all the roles and lighten your mental load in one comprehensive system that molds to your life, preferences, and industry. 

“I really feel like Kelly understands the competing demands of being a working mom, and that she’s developed a clear system to wrangle both personal and professional… I’ve been telling everyone that Kelly really understands the pain points of trying to balance different roles, and of trying to manage the influx of ‘stuff’ that happens on a daily basis. Kelly teaches a system that’s easy but captures everything and puts it into a realistic context.”

– Nicole Cohen, Associate IT Director, Mount Sinai Health System, NY, NY

2. The Bright Method™ is all about practical, step-by-step instructions – not just high-level platitudes

When I was searching for time management help, I often heard high-level and seemingly simple concepts like “make time for you” and “protect your boundaries.” 

But when I went to implement, I couldn’t figure out how to make them work for me in the long term, which candidly made me feel even worse about myself. 

That’s exactly what I work to avoid in my program. I show you exactly how to implement and mold this method to your life and preferences, give you more examples than you may want, and am here to provide personalized support for you throughout the program. 

I want you to walk away from the program with an up-and-running system that’s already giving you that peace of mind you’ve been searching for. 

“This was not just a platitude seminar (‘make time for you… prioritize, etc.’). I loved the practical, real-world suggestions and tools…

“I was a bit nervous when I joined [Kelly’s program] since I’ve done other programs and bought numerous books and watched untold number of YouTube videos on time management and made no real improvement, at least not any lasting changes. Now I think that I couldn’t afford NOT to take this program. It has changed the way I looked at time and the way my mind processes it. This was a game-changer for me. I am now much more hopeful and a lot calmer. I don’t feel like I’m juggling all these balls in the air and possibly forgetting something anymore. I feel much more confident because I have a definite structure to keep track of things, and I can see where I before set myself up to fail.”

– Monica Campbell, Attorney

3. This time management method molds to you – it doesn’t cram you into some rigid schedule just because it happens to work for someone else

I get that your life may look really different from mine. Your industry may have its own quirks. Your family may have tons of commitments. You may have certain preferences that have made other, more rigid systems hard to maintain. 

That’s why I pride myself on providing a flexible time management method that molds to your life and the support to help you make sure it’s a good fit. 

How you manage your time is going to look very different from every other woman in the program, and that’s great! No matter what your calendar looks like at the end of the program, my goal is to help you all obtain the same feelings of peace of mind, calm clarity, and less stress.

To help you get there, during my programs, I provide unlimited email support, show you how to ask your questions without having to type anything out, and provide tons of opportunities to get not only my input, but input from the other professional working women in the program who may face similar challenges to you. 

We’ll make sure the system you walk away with works for you, your industry, your family, and your preferences. 

If you’re interested in joining my next six-week time management program for professional working women, you can learn more about it, hear from past participants, and enroll here. I hope to see you in there!

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