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Too stressed out by all the personal and professional roles you play and the long to-do lists that come with each?

Convinced there’s got to be a better way to manage it all so you can be high-achieving at work and enjoy your life more?

I felt similar in my early patent litigator days. And the good news is that there is a way to manage it all with less stress and more peace of mind.

The Bright Method™ is my realistic time management method designed for professional working women. It’s a step-by-step system that helps you manage your personal and professional lives with less stress and more peace of mind – and enjoy each part of your day without constantly worrying about when you’ll get everything else done.

The method served me well for years as a practicing litigator and now as a business owner, mom of two, and wife to an ER physician with an ever-changing schedule. And it will serve you well, too – even if your life looks completely different than mine.

This flexible system molds to you, your industry, your family, and your preferences – and all the different phases of your life. It will be helping you take control of your time for years to come.


 Testimonial for Kelly Nolan Time Management

“In 15 years of reporting on productivity tools, I thought I’d tried them all… Then former litigator Kelly Nolan, a time-management strategist who works mostly with high-achieving women, surprised me with a deceptively simple system… The method has solved my issues of being chronically overbooked and under rested… One month in, I’ve found myself more likely to find time for passion projects… I’m also finding it easier to say no to work and social opportunities.”

– Bloomberg Businessweek, Article by Arianne Cohen

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“Before working with Kelly, I felt overscheduled, overwhelmed and inefficient…

”After going through Kelly’s course, I sleep better. I am less anxious about all that I have to do because I know I have a system that allows me to prioritize the most important things first. I feel more put together and I have more confidence in saying yes or no. My mental health all around is much better… My husband and I are better partners to each other because we’re getting all the stuff that takes time out in the open and making a game plan for who does what and when.

”I also had more confidence in pushing a prioritization conversation at work with my boss and business partners. I was able to get alignment to work on 3 big priorities for the quarter – only 3. With two weeks left in the quarter, we’re on track to deliver all 3, something my boss didn’t expect would be possible.”

Stephanie Ness, Finance Director & Mom, Minneapolis, MN

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Hi. I’m Kelly Nolan, an attorney-turned-time management strategist and mom of two.

I’m not naturally organized, so I get how overwhelm happens and feels. As a patent litigator working at a big law firm, while I looked like I had it together on the outside, inside I felt stretched way too thin, constantly anxious I’d drop a ball, and not able to enjoy my friends and family because of nagging work concerns. I kept thinking, “there’s got to be a better way.”

Over time, I created my own time/task management system that allowed me to focus at work with less stress, be present with friends and family, and to take breaks – and actually enjoy them.

I now teach professional working women (over 160 women now!) this system, the Bright Method, so you too can experience more clarity and confidence, feel effective, drive your career forward, and soak in time with family and friends. Learn the method here.

Learn more about me by clicking here.

testimonial for Kelly Nolan Time Management

“Kelly’s system is the best time management system I’ve ever worked with. She is a wonderful teacher and coach and is a joy to work with.”

– Page Ulrey, Attorney, Seattle, WA

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“I feel like I have found the map I need to navigate myself through the waters of kids, my business, my interests, and other obligations. It’s felt so overwhelming to do everything in the past, and now I feel a sense of calm about getting done what I want to get done.”

– Katie Martens, Martens Law Office, Attorney, Business Owner & Mom, Omaha, NE

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“Thank you, Kelly. I now look at my calendar and have a clear game plan for the week ahead and am excited about tackling my priorities. You were amazing to work with.”

– Shannon Boxx, Entrepreneur, Mom, US Women’s Soccer National Team Midfielder, three-time Olympic gold medalist, World Cup champion, FIFA World Player of the Year finalist

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