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“I am definitely the busiest I have ever been in my life… And yet… I am also probably the most relaxed/calm I have been in a very long time (ever?).”
— Dr. Rachel David, Physician & Mom of 3
“In 15 years of reporting on productivity tools, I thought I’d tried them all… Then former litigator Kelly Nolan, a time-management strategist who works mostly with high-achieving women, surprised me with a deceptively simple system… The method has solved my issues of being chronically overbooked and under rested… One month in, I’ve found myself more likely to find time for passion projects… I’m also finding it easier to say no to work and social opportunities.”
— Bloomberg Businessweek (Article by Arianne Cohen)
“Kelly really understands the pain points of trying to balance different roles, and of trying to manage the influx of ‘stuff’ that happens on a daily basis. Kelly teaches a system that’s easy but captures everything and puts it into a realistic context.”
— Nicole Cohen, Mount Sinai Health System, NY, NY

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