You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed

April 17, 2021

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How many of these sound familiar?

▻ I can’t relax enough to enjoy my downtime

▻ I take on more than I should but I’m not sure when it’s reasonable to say no

▻ I spend most of my time reacting to what others need at the expense of what I know is important

▻ I want better boundaries between work and my personal life

▻ Working from home has been hard because work is bleeding over into all parts of my life

▻ I’d like to feel accomplished at the end of each day and not just every 3-6 months when I submit a project

▻ I want to be more present at home and not think about work all the time

If you checked off one or all, you’re not alone. These are all statements my clients made right when we started working together.

What I want you to know is that they now say things like:

“Since going through Kelly’s program, I am less stressed even during this crazy time of COVID. Even when life gets in the way, I have a much more clear sense of what’s on my plate, what’s urgent, and what’s important. I feel empowered when I am making decisions regarding what to focus on next. I feel as if my vision got clearer.”

– Dr. Ece Demir-Lira, Assistant Professor & Mom, Iowa City, IA

“Now,… I can stop working at night and enjoy my family time. I’m much more confident that I won’t miss things and that I will always show up as the mom, wife, and colleague I hope to be.”

– Dr. Chelsea Pierotti, College Instructor, Entrepreneur & Mom, Boulder, CO

“I feel more empowered to raise my hand and ask for help at work because I objectively know that there is too much on my plate… I feel more confident when I have to tell people no, or move a deadline out, because I have planned what’s a priority and what isn’t… It’s made me significantly more productive during the day and I am able to wrap up work earlier with less to do at night.”

– Danielle Boone

You ready to also feel less stressed, more empowered & able to enjoy your downtime?

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You are worth it. Let’s get you enjoying your life more.

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