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Stop “Should”-ing All Over Yourself

November 25, 2019

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Lately, I been catching myself asking how I’m “supposed” to do this entrepreneurial thing or how I’m “supposed” to be a great mom to H.

I’m also often asked by clients how they’re “supposed” to manage their time. When it’s other people asking that question, it’s a lot easier for me to see that it’s the wrong question to ask.

As far as time management goes, there’s no one way you “should” manage your time. It requires flexibility, looks different for every person, and even changes depending on your phase of life.

I’m trying to remember this as I navigate the rest of my life. There’s no one way to do any of this. It requires flexibility and will change for each of us as life changes.

As some of you know, H started daycare in mid-September and full-days in early October. This means, while I’ve been running my own business for over two years, the past month has been totally different. I’ve had more time to work and suddenly more freedom about where I want to take this business.

A small part of me feels behind and asks, “Aren’t I supposed to be farther along? Aren’t I supposed to be running my business like so-and-so?”

But you know what? That’s imposing some unfair “should-s” on past me. And past me was also figuring out where to take this business. She was exhausted during pregnancy. She mom-ed for over 1.5 years — often alone while her husband worked his tush off in residency. She was right where she needed to be then. And she’s pumped I get to turn to this next chapter now. It’s important to remember there was no path she “should” have been on — and there’s no path I “should” turn to now.

So, this is a reminder to me – and to you, if you need it – stop “should”-ing all over yourself. Give yourself grace. And know there’s no “one way” you “should” do anything — mom, business owner, attorney, doctor, wife, friend, meal prep extraordinaire, workout-er, anything.

And while that can make it a little harder to find the right fit now, let’s enjoy the freedom that brings. Let’s do what feels right to us right now in this season. And then give ourselves grace when the next chapter arrives.

I’d love to help you figure out how to get a time management system set up without imparting any of the “should”s onto you (click here to see how we can work together).

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