Why I named it the Bright Method™

March 8, 2022

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I am terrible at creative names for things. Despite business mentors telling me I needed a catchy name, the first 5-ish times I ran my group program, I called it “my group program.”

And even once I started using The Bright Method™, I still referred to the program as the group program.

BUT I’ve made the decision to go all in on The Bright Method™.

It’s a simple name, but I love simple things.

Plus, my branding genius friend David Gardner of ColorJar helped me talk it out, and that always helps.

And it comes from my belief that I help bright women live bright lives. And that makes it perfect.

Look, my goal is NOT to make you more “productive.”

Most of the women I work with are already very “productive.”

They’re high-achieving, smart, and hold impressive jobs.

And yet…

They feel stretched too thin and overworked.

They can’t turn the “productivity” off to take a break and enjoy it.

They can’t be as fully present with their friends and family as they want to be without anxious thoughts about work zinging by and snagging their attention.

The women I work with don’t need help becoming “productive.”

They want help understanding how to get things done in a way that still allows them to enjoy life – whatever that looks like to them.

So, that’s what we work on.

I show you a really concrete way to see how things can get done OVER TIME so you don’t feel the pressure to get it all done RIGHT NOW – which lets you take a break tonight and actually enjoy it.

I help you see your capacity and workload in an objective way so that you understand when to say no (with confidence) and protect your non-work life.

I help you create a system that lets you see where your time is going and, if you want, make changes so you spend time in alignment with what is important to you.

Productivity isn’t the goal. Enjoying life is – and while that includes productivity, it also includes feeling more in control of your time, rest, fun, and being truly present with friends and family.

So, here’s to The Bright Method! Read all about it here!

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