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Since you’re looking to take control of your life, feel free to check out my on-demand workshop below. It helps you reclaim control of your work hours so you can get more work done during work hours and free up evenings and weekends for the fun stuff.

It’s normally $47, but as a thank you for being here, it’s yours today for just $27.

Curious? Learn all about it below.

Thanks for being here!


Kelly Nolan Work Hours Workshop Time Management

Reclaim control of
your work hours

Want to get more real work done during work hours to free up those weekends for the fun stuff?

This is short and effective pre-recorded workshop is for you – for just $27, you’ll learn 3 of my favorite strategies for making the most of your work hours.


Learn How to Protect Focused Work Time From All Those Meetings

Learn how to protect focused work time from those never-ending meeting & email interruptions

Learn How to Be Responsive on Email Without Letting it Take Over Your Work Hours (or Life)

Learn how to be responsive on email without letting it take over your work hours (and life)

Learn How to Plan Your Work so You Can Strut Into Your Weekend Knowing You're on Top of It All

learn how to plan your work so you can strut into your weekend without nagging work concerns

What does this course include?

  • A 40 minute video workshop packed with actionable strategies to help you make the most out of your work hours

  • A guide to help you take control of your work hours & free up your nights and weekends for the fun stuff

Kelly Nolan Time Management Coach

Hi! I’m Kelly.

I’m not naturally organized –– so I get how overwhelm happens and feels.

As a patent litigator working at a big Boston law firm, I grew frustrated with how much time I wasted trying (and often failing) to slog through my never-ending jumble of to-do items and emails. Not only that, but my confusion about how to get it all done caused me a ton of stress and a weird level of embarrassment for not knowing how to manage it all (even though no one had ever taught me how!).

Through research and experience, I found clarity about how to use my time, a new ability to focus and be present with friends and family, and an ability to actually enjoy my downtime.

I now work with women exclusively on time management so women just like you can find time clarity and confidence, feel effective, drive their business/career forward, and soak in time with family and friends.

I now live in California with my husband (an emergency room physician – so I get weird schedules!), a two-year-old daughter, and our original baby, the world’s sweetest black lab, Olive.

Let’s hang out and get your life organized. And you’ll be surprised at how much fun we have in the process.

Sick of feeling like all you do during work is react to what everyone else wants you to do? See how my work hours strategy has helped other women like you.

Rhea Whitney Reid Testimonial for Kelly Nolan Time Management

“I feel a new sense of ease as I look at my week and month and plan out my projects, and I now have a system I can implement day by day as it relates to projects, meetings, and tasks that need to get done. I feel so productive and confident in my scheduling!”

– Rhea Whitney Reid, CEO, Rhea Whitney Photography & PhotoBomb Academy

 Testimonial for Kelly Nolan Time Management

“After Kelly’s program, I am so much more confident at work. I am better able to schedule meaningful time with other team members to work no projects/tasks that we need to do together.”

– Tessa Mitchell, Special Education Administrator


Danielle Boone Testimonial for Kelly Nolan Time Management

“I often find that I end up with several 30-minute windows throughout the day in between meetings. In the past, I would get to that window and not know how I could best use such a small amount of time. I couldn’t get big projects done and didn’t know which small task I should be doing at that time. I would feel overwhelmed and kind of write off those small windows, and then end up with tons of work to do at the end of the day…

“I [now] have a game plan for those small windows [of time between meetings], and I can knock out small but important tasks (without having to spend time in the moment figuring out what to work on). It’s made me significantly more productive during the day, and I am able to wrap up work earlier with less to do at night.”

– Danielle Boone

 Testimonial for Kelly Nolan Time Management

“Kelly really understands the pain points of trying to balance different roles, and of trying to manage the influx of ‘stuff’ that happens on a daily basis. Kelly teaches a system that’s easy but captures everything and puts it into a realistic context.”

– Nicole Cohen, Associate IT Director, Mount Sinai Health System, NY, NY