Workshop Managing Workload Boundaries


Know you need to say no to new projects at work but don’t know how – so you just keep saying yes?

Want to have a conversation with your boss to make your workload more reasonable but don’t know how to do it effectively?

I’ve been there, too. I completely get how when you’re living in the weeds in survival mode, it’s hard to come up with a game plan to proactively protect your time from ever-more-demanding work.

Join me to learn practical strategies designed for professional working women to help you draw boundaries at work to make your workload more reasonable.

The workshop will be held on December 13, 2022 from 9-10am PST / 12-1pm EST. A recording will be made available if you can’t make it live. I hope to see you in there!



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How it works:

  • On December 13, 2022, from 9-10am PST / 12-1pm EST, we’ll have a live Zoom workshop to walk through realistic strategies to help you draw and maintain workload boundaries. Once you sign up, you’ll get all the details about how to join the call.

  • You’ll get a guide so you don’t have to take many notes if you’d prefer not to (if you process by writing like I do, take as many notes as you want!).

  • We’ll hold live Q&A so you can get feedback and tailor these strategies to you.

  • If you can’t make it live or just want to watch it again after the live workshop, you’ll have about a month to watch the recording (until Sunday, January 8th).

  • That’s it. Simple. Sweet. Effective.


What my past clients have said after learning the Bright Method™️, my full time management system, which these workload boundary strategies are apart of:


“I have more confidence in saying yes or no… I also had more confidence in pushing a prioritization conversation at work with my boss and business partners. I was able to get alignment to work on 3 big priorities for the quarter – only 3. With two weeks left in the quarter, we’re on track to deliver all 3, something my boss didn’t expect would be possible.”

– Stephanie Ness, Finance Director, MN

“Since going through Kelly’s program,… I feel empowered when I am making decisions regarding what to focus on next. I feel as if my vision got clearer.”

     – Dr. Ece Demir-Lira, Assistant Professor, IA


“For the first time, I feel truly able to quantify my workload and needs to the people in my world who can help, from my boss to my husband!… I really feel like Kelly understands the competing demands of being a working mom, and that she’s developed a clear system to wrangle both personal and professional.”

     – Nicole Cohen, Mount Sinai Health System, NY, NY



Hi! I’m Kelly.

I’m not naturally organized – so I get how overwhelm happens and feels.

As a patent litigator working at a big Boston law firm, I grew frustrated with how much time I wasted trying (and often failing) to slog through my never-ending jumble of to-do items and emails. Not only that, but my confusion about how to get it all done caused me a ton of stress and a weird level of embarrassment for not knowing how to manage it all (even though no one had ever taught me how!).

Through research and experience, I created my own time management system and found clarity about how to use my time, a new ability to focus and be present with friends and family, and an ability to actually enjoy my downtime.

I now teach my realistic time management system designed for professional working women, the Bright Method™️. This system helps women find clarity and confidence about how they use their time, feel effective, drive their careers forward, and soak in time with family and friends.

Part of this system is drawing boundaries when it comes to your workload, including how to say no in a way that suits you and have those tricky conversations with your boss to protect your life from work taking over.

Let’s hang out and get your feeling more calm confidence when it comes to where your time is spent – and you’ll be surprised at how much fun we have in the process.