Managing To-Do's

You Don’t Need to “Live and Die” by Your Calendar for This to Work

October 22, 2021

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Some people won’t even try time-blocking because they think it’ll make life feel too rigid. Sterile. Less spontaneous.

I get where that thought comes from. But… nope.

Time-blocking actually gives you MORE FREEDOM to be spontaneous or take a day off and ACTUALLY ENJOY IT.

Here’s why:

When you time-block, you get a visual game plan of how you’ll get everything done in your personal, family and professional life over time.

When a curveball hits or you wake up not in the mood to attack that project, you just move whatever blocks of time are in the upcoming space to a new time.

So long as you can find another home in your calendar for something you don’t want to do and that home still allow you to hit my deadline, done!

And here’s the thing: This what you were likely doing before – rearranging… calculating when you could do it if it’s not today and still hits the deadline…

But you were doing it all in your head – rearranging to-do lists and mental time-blocks around in your mind, and not totally sure it’ll all come together because it’s only in your head. (Hence, the stress or guilt when you did this.)

Using my method, it’s visual. It’s written down. It’s like a little puzzle you rearrange – and then DON’T HAVE TO MEMORIZE to play out.

Make sense?

PLUS, because you have everything on your plate game-planned-out over time, you know that your new plan works – both for the project itself and the other parts of your life.

You’re not just guessing and hoping that you can get it all done over time. You know you can.

And that lets you enjoy your downtime more. There’s no guilt or unease.

The takeaway: time-blocking doesn’t have to be rigid. It can be flexible. It actually provides more freedom in your mind and allows you to enjoy time off more (planned or spontaneous) than using to-do lists and guesswork.

It frees up your mind for the good stuff.

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