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ADHD & The Bright Method

November 9, 2023

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Over the years, I’ve worked with many women with ADHD (many of whom were recently diagnosed) and some who suspected they had ADHD. And from that experience, a few things have become clear to me.

For clarity’s sake, I have no special training or education in relation to ADHD. All of this is based on my experience within the Bright Method programs.

That said, after 3+ years of this work, here’s what I think:

Women with ADHD can use digital calendars to manage life – and well.

Traditional recommendations seem to push people with ADHD toward paper planners. The theory seems to be that paper planners make time more visual and concrete than digital planners do.

But there are two reasons I think this recommendation is off in some cases:

(1) Digital calendars – when used with certain strategies – make time / tasks more visual than paper planners (helping you avoid over-committing)

I talk about this a lot, but in short: using a digital calendar like we do in the Bright Method makes your capacity, current workload, and how they interact more clear than anything else I’ve ever seen – including years of using a paper planner. This is only possible in an effective way through the power and efficiency of a digital calendar (think: repeating events, easy drag-and-drop functions).

(2) Pushing people to paper planners – if they’re open to digital calendars – puts them at a disadvantage at work

This might be controversial, but if someone is open to and capable of using a digital calendar, pushing them to go paper is not fair to them.

So much of our work world operates on digital platforms. Deadlines, meetings, and more are shared on digital calendars. That will not change. So, anyone working is forced to at least maintain and reference a digital calendar for those purposes.

By adding a paper calendar into the mix, you:

  • Force this person to maintain two calendars – cross referencing an ever-changing digital calendar to maintain a paper calendar that doesn’t automatically update.
  • Increase the chances of something falling through the cracks: Any time someone maintains two calendars, I worry about double bookings and to-do’s not making it from one calendar to another.
  • Wasting this person’s time: Our goal is not to live in our calendars; it’s to get out there and live life. Making someone write out their events and tasks on paper every day takes solid time from the actual doing of the things.

While I’m sure going paper is useful for many people with ADHD, I just don’t think it should be a blanket recommendation.

I’ve watched many smart women with ADHD use the Bright Method with success. Some use it as is, while others creatively adapt it to themselves to make it work for them.

Do I think every woman with ADHD should use the Bright Method? NO. Just as I don’t think the Bright Method is right for every person out there.

I just don’t want you to rule it out because you have ADHD.

So, if you have ADHD and have been finding the solutions offered to you don’t work, it’s worth exploring the Bright Method for free. And you can do that by checking out my free 5-day program, the Reset & Refresh (click here).

Plus, I’m here to answer any questions you might have. Never hesitate to reach out (ke***@ke********.com).

And side note, when I shared this on Instagram, one of my wonderful clients who has ADHD, replied with this:

Diagnosis, Treatment & Medication

To be clear, I do not think the Bright Method replaces a formal diagnosis, medical treatment, and/or medication. I do think it might supplement it well if it sounds attractive to you.

And on the diagnosis and medication note…

As an additional tip, since it can be so hard to get in to see medical care that could help you with a diagnosis and potential medication, a client who recently got diagnosed with ADHD shared the following two tips.

(1) Online options

(2) Non-Stimulant Medication

She also shared that she was now taking a non-stimulant medication that has been huge for her. It’s relatively new, so be sure to ask about it in case you’d like to avoid stimulants for any reason.

I hope that helps! And again, if you want to test out the Bright Method to see if it might be a fit, you can jump into my free 5-day program here. And don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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