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How to enjoy the summer when you’re antsy about the fall

Fall leaves

July 14, 2022

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Here’s a practical strategy for those of you who are starting to get antsy about the fall but want to enjoy the rest of summer.

There’s something about it already being July that makes it feel like fall will be here before you know it.

BUT, if you’re like me, you don’t want to turn to the fall yet – you want to soak in summer.

SO, let’s balance these two feelings in a practical way.

Step 1: Make a list of all the things that snag your attention.

Go a little overboard here – write down anything that might cause you anxiety. For example…

  • If you have kids, the start of school:

    • buying school supplies,
    • buying clothes,
    • filling out school paperwork,
    • doctor’s appointments for medical forms needed for school,
    • extracurriculars – figure out what signing up for, who’s driving, etc.
  • Halloween: figure out and buy/make your costume, kids’ costumes, etc.
  • Holiday travel: where are you going for Thanksgiving and winter holidays this year? Book travel, lodging, etc.
  • If you have kids or pets, are there any events coming up that you want childcare/petcare for? E.g., school-related parents-only event, dog boarding for Thanksgiving

Before you get overwhelmed, know this: you do not need to do all of these things now…

Step 2: Break out your calendar and block the time in the future to do these things.

Punt things out as much as you can without jamming yourself up.

For example, calendar “Halloween in 1 month – what dressing kids up as?” around the end of September. Similarly, calendar “Buy Halloween candy” around October 10 (it gives you wiggle room to move it around if necessary).

Bonus tip: Repeat anything that makes sense annually so you’re set for next year and from then on out.

Do you see how magical this is?

Logistical things like these can loom over us, stressing us out because we don’t want to forget to do them and worry we won’t have time.

By creating a game plan in your calendar for when you’ll get it all done, you see that it can get done without you doing it right now. Plus, you can set yourself up to get things done with less stress and last-minute scramble (e.g. booking Thanksgiving dog boarding before it books up).

Most importantly, this lets you turn back to the fun of the summer with less stress and more calm. As I said, magical.

Three things:

  1. Assuming you’re not going to do this right now, copy this URL, break out your calendar, find 45 minutes when you could, and write something like “Schedule fall logistics – [paste URL here].”
  2. I’m sure I’m missing things! Help me and others out by emailing me – what other logistical challenges are on the horizon that we could schedule out now so we can let them go between now and then? Thanks!
  3. Share this article with anyone who could benefit!

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