For Working Parents: Things to Calendar Now to Make the Summer Transition Smoother

May 29, 2024

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Pull out your calendar, go step-by-step with me for each week of the summer, and reap the benefits all summer long.

Less scramble. More clarity. More fun. Let’s go.

Pickups & Dropoffs

For each week this summer (especially if they change because of camps), calendar blocks of time for morning dropoffs/commutes and the reverse for pickups. Block time from when you leave the house to when you get to work every morning and the reverse each afternoon. If you have a partner/help and can, assign who’s doing each pickup/dropoff. If you can’t do that yet, block each in your calendar to be safe and free it up as you can.

This will help you plan work realistically and reduce scrambles and mental load.

Light childcare week? Bulk up on weekend support

Some weeks might be lighter in terms of childcare, and it’s hard to find sitters during the week. Given this, do you want to lean into that lighter childcare week(s) – and get extra childcare hours on the weekend, when it’s easier to find coverage? If so, reach out to sitters now.

Look for small windows where childcare could help

For example, I have a swim class with my 2.5-year-old that requires me to be in the water with her for 30 minutes each week. I lined up help for my oldest for that short window of time (+15 minutes before and after) at the pool or elsewhere. Think: family help, playdates, a sitter, etc.

Need any gear?

Looking ahead at each week of the summer, think about what you’ll need to send your kid(s) off with each day – and do you need to get any of it now? E.g., sports gear, swimsuits that fits, googles, extra goggles, lunch box.

Reminders to empty bags

Especially with wet swimsuits entering the picture again, it can be critical to empty bags, hang things to dry, etc. each night. Consider calendaring reminders Monday-Friday at, e.g., 6pm to empty bags.

Reminders to pack up

Similarly, consider reminders Sunday-Thursday evening to pack up the bags the kids will need for the next day, including gear, lunch, snacks, etc. You could also calendar a reminder Monday-Friday mornights for packing the things that have to wait until morning – e.g., dried out swim suits, water, perishable snacks, and moving the lunch in the fridge to the bag. Don’t carry that load in your head – let your calendar help you.

That’s it for now!

Pass it on

Send this to a working parent who could use these reminders, too.

Save & Schedule

Assuming you can’t do all of this right now, save this post & schedule 1-2 hours of time to do this in your calendar. E.g., “Calendar summer things – see Kelly Nolan article” and copy and paste the URL to this article in the event location.

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