Tech Tip: The Daily Agenda Email

January 13, 2020

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It’s been a while since I shared a tech tip! So let’s kick off the new year with a fun one.

If you’re someone who lives in your email inbox more than your calendar, did you know about Google Calendar’s nifty email-me-an-agenda trick?

Yep – you can have Google Calendar email you every morning at 5am with an agenda of your day.

I don’t personally do this as I live in my calendar more than my email (anyone surprised?? ), but I have some clients who love it — so I wanted to share.

To set it up, go to your Google Calendar. Go into your sub-calendar settings by hovering over your sub-calendar and clicking on the three-vertical-dot icon that appears. Click on “Settings and sharing” when it appears.

Once in your sub-calendar’s Settings, scroll down to General Notifications. For “Daily Agenda,” change “None” to “Email.”

Important: You do need to do this for each sub-calendar you want included in your morning email, but you’ll get only one email with all of the info in it.

What do you think? I always get an image of a little exec assistant living in your email inbox with this one

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