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Using Boundaries to Self-Advocate

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Second, I’m a HUGE fan of boundaries but completely get that they’re hard to draw. I’ve struggled to draw them often. It feels confrontational, and this Minnesotan struggles with that sometimes (the fact I was a litigator still cracks me up sometimes).

Despite the struggle, I KNOW boundary drawing and enforcing is worth it.

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Career or kids - working woman deciding

Here are the factors real women considered when deciding between career or kids – or finding their middle ground.

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Last week, in my current time management program, we dug into managing the personal and family life stuff.

One woman commented that my strategy of putting everything in you calendar (with tech strategies to make it less overwhelming) felt silly/anal at first…

BUT that getting it all out of her head and protecting time for all the things… well, the result was “freeing.”

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Attorney Time Management - computer with keyboard, mouse, and glass of water

As someone who felt decently organized through law school, I got a pretty rude awakening when I became an actual attorney. The sheer number of active cases, deadlines, and all the work that went into hitting case deadlines threw me for a loop. While I looked like I had it together on the outside, inside, I felt stretched too thin and constantly anxious I’d drop a ball. Why didn’t someone teach us how to manage my time, tasks, and deadlines in law school?!

Over time, I figured out a system that really reduced my stress and last-minute scrambles and now works for my attorney clients. Let’s dig in.

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Ahhh I hate being negative on things, but given the attention this is getting in the NYT (in an article from yesterday), I want to urge you NOT to spend a ton of time organizing your to-do’s in Apple Reminders or Google Tasks.

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I teach professional working women a method for managing career, personal and family time with less stress and more clarity.

If you’re like Past Me and many of my clients, you’ve tried other time management strategies or apps in the past to no avail. So you may be wondering how this system will help you while others have failed. Great question.

Here are three ways that The Bright Method™ is different from other methods you might have tried:

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I’m someone who craves practical instructions. I don’t really know what to do with high-level concepts without more.

For example, when I was interviewing for jobs during law school, I remember hearing messages about being “confident.”

But what does that look like? Am I supposed to look smug as I talk about my accomplishments? I doubt it.

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Having a child is life-changing stuff in and of itself. Figuring out how to make motherhood work – including how to plan for maternity leave – with your career is a whole new ball game. One of my clients, a woman who works in an executive capacity within an organization, recently asked me if I […]

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When I describe what I do, I almost always avoid the word “productivity.”

Productivity conjures up images of go-go-going and getting stuff done.

Often people think productivity is the opposite of overwhelmed. “If I can just become productive, I won’t feel this way.”

I don’t think so. Productive people can still struggle to turn it off, relax, and know when to say no. They can still feel overwhelmed.

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One of my very first clients casually mentioned that she listened to podcasts while working.

I remember feeling both exhausted just thinking about it and fascinated about how she did it (turns out, not surprisingly, it didn’t work very well).

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Realistic time management designed for professional working women

I'm a former big law attorney who got overwhelmed as a first year and slowly pieced together a time/task management system that actually reduced my stressed, helped me stay on top of it all (and know it), feel confident drawing boundaries, and soak in time with my family and friends. I'd love to get you there, too.

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