For Parents: The One-Year Shakeup & the Divvy of Labor

June 24, 2024

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Without any scientific data to back me up, I believe kids push parents into traditional gender norms (at least in same-sex couples) because of legitimate (though frustrating) biological reasons during that first year with a baby. Because of that, kid (and home) labor gets unevenly distributed to women, and this pattern of the labor division gets established. And then, because of the new crazy pace of life with a kid, the pattern persists beyond the first year and beyond any legitimate rationale for it.

Let’s talk about this and how we can get intentional around it to at least prevent the pattern from persisting beyond any rationale for it.

This is also obviously informed by my own experience. I would love to hear your thoughts – positive or negative – around this. Email me at ke***@ke********.com.

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