Managing To-Do's

Your middle school system isn’t cutting it anymore.

May 17, 2020

I’m Kelly Nolan.
I'm an attorney who'd been decently organized through law school but got quickly overwhelmed as a actual attorney. After nothing else worked for me, I created this system – and kept on practicing law. Years later, I found out others were interested in learning it, so that's what I do now! Let's get this realistic system in your hands so you can start living a life that feels more calm, doable, and that lights you up.
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Your middle school system isn’t cutting it anymore.⁣

Let me back up. ⁣

Now that we’re adulting, we all have a staggering amount of stuff on our plates. ⁣

Work projects. Work email. Personal email. Keeping family members alive and sane during this wild time. Personal interests. Sleep. Eating. Childcare. Showering. Laundry. Dishes. All of it. ⁣

Think about how you manage all of that. ⁣

My guess: events go on the calendar; tasks on to-do lists, post-it notes, phone notes apps, and maybe even an online task management app. And alllll those things like laundry, showering and getting the kids ready are juggled around in your head.⁣

When did you learn that system? ⁣

Middle school? With some tech twists over the years – but basically the same format of keeping tasks on lists and the day-to-day activities in your head?⁣

Middle school – when life was far more structured, simple, parents cooked your meals, and you weren’t in charge of others? I mean, you were barely in charge of yourself?⁣

It’s no surprise your middle-school system can’t keep up with you now-much-more-complicated modern working woman life. ⁣

And without an effective system, you’re left to juggle and manage it all in your head. ⁣

In short, if you feel overwhelmed (all the time or just once a week or so), it’s NOT your fault – but it is your system’s. ⁣

And if you trade in that middle school system for a modern working woman’s one, you’ll be amazed at how much of the overwhelm you leave behind, too. ⁣

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