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Secret trick: Remove the judgment

May 16, 2020

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A secret trick for creativity, breakthroughs and success:

Cut it out with the self-judgment.

I used to constantly put myself down for forgetting people’s birthdays, scrambling to meet work deadlines, neglecting my home life for work, and on and on.

At a certain point, I decided to just stop with the whole “what is WRONG with me?!” self-talk – and figure it out.

“It is what it is. I can’t rely on my brain to remember/manage all this stuff. So how do I still get it done?”

That’s when the magic happened.

I created a system that allows me – and now my clients – to accomplish everything we want/need to do even though I’m/we’re still not “naturally” good at this stuff (if such a thing exists).

And over time I’ve realized this:

It’s not that my brain is “bad” at this.

It’s that my brain has better things to do than remember when to wash bedsheets, prep dinner, do my business finances, keep tabs on how full my work plate is getting so I know when to decline work, and so on.

By delegating/outsourcing all those thoughts to my calendar (in a non-overwhelming way), I’ve freed up my brain to focus on the important stuff.

To truly immerse myself in work projects.

To be fully present with family.

In short, I inadvertently stumbled upon a magical solution by removing judgment and looking for solutions that took into account my brain behaviors.

And I’m just mildly obsessed with the results, if you can’t tell.

Stop beating yourself up if you’re struggling to manage it all. Remove the judgment.

And then figure out a way to get where you want to go, just as you are right now.

If you want help doing that, I’m here. I want to show you, step-by-step, how to get it all done in a calm, confident, empowered way.

Learn this time management system, the Bright Method, here. Let me help you get some of this magic in your life. Judgment-free.

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