Why I love planning on Fridays

May 15, 2020

I’m Kelly Nolan.
I'm an attorney who'd been decently organized through law school but got quickly overwhelmed as a actual attorney. After nothing else worked for me, I created this system – and kept on practicing law. Years later, I found out others were interested in learning it, so that's what I do now! Let's get this realistic system in your hands so you can start living a life that feels more calm, doable, and that lights you up.
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While most productivity people out there recommend Sundays or Monday mornings…

I’m a huge believer in planning on Fridays.

There’s just something so awesome about walking into your weekend knowing you’re on top of everything on your plate, nothing fell through the cracks, and that you have a realistic game plan to get it all done.

That knowledge allows you to enjoy your weekend, instead of having work loom over you all weekend long, causing anxiety because you’re not quite sure what’s around the corner or how you’ll get it all done.

Instead, Friday planning gives you clarity and confidence. All. Weekend. Long.

If you’re thinking, “okay, but what exactly do I do during these planning sessions?,” check out the article I wrote for Fast Company.

Happy planning, people! Remember, you’re not going to ever go in it really looking forward to it – but the high on the other side is so so worth it. And then strut into and really enjoy your weekend!

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