You don’t need “one thing.” You need one game plan.

August 4, 2020

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Ever heard of that time management advice to list out your “one thing” or “top three things” you have to do today – and then focus on those things until they’re done?

I’m not a fan. A couple of reasons:

What if your top 1-3 things total five hours of work and you only have three available hours today? That’s not going to help you feel accomplished or less stressed tonight.

Instead, as you know, I’m a huge believer in tying everything you do to time:
✨ when will you do it,
✨ how long will it take, and
✨ does that fit in with everything else you have on your plate today?

Whether you’re planning to do 1 or 15 things, without tying them to time, you’re left with a to-do list, not a game plan. And you know how I feel about a to-do list. ‍♀️

Also, in what world do you only have one (or even 3) thing(s) you need to get done today to end the day feeling awesome?

For example, in my attorney days, editing a brief due this week was a huge priority. But so was calling back opposing counsel about a settlement offer and following up with a client on discovery responses that’re due soon. And so was getting dinner on the table, doing laundry, and walking my dog.

As women, we’ve just got more than one or three things we’ve got to do.

Instead of just being told to focus on “one thing,” we need ONE GAME PLAN to help us get ALL the things done in a way that works for us.

For example, my game plan for today is helping/ed me:
▻ draft this post,
▻ get my daughter ready for daycare,
▻ check in with a friend who’s going through a tricky time,
▻ drop my daughter at daycare,
▻ touch base with potential clients,
▻ practice for a big talk I’m giving on Friday,
▻ workout & eat lunch,
▻ hold a client session,
▻ figure out my tech set up for my Friday talk,
▻ film a video,
▻ spend time with my daughter and husband,
▻ join some girlfriends for virtual cocktails, and
▻ stop a subscription since I’m not using it any more.

That’s a lot of stuff.

There’s no “one thing.”

There’s just one game plan to help me get it all done in a calm, stress-free way over time.

If you want some help creating your one game plan, learn more about working with me here. Using The Bright Method™️, my simple time management method for bright women seeking bright lives™️, we’ll help you learn a new way of managing your work, personal, and family to-do’s with less stress and more calm clarity. I’d love to help you get there.

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