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Why do I choose to work with women?

I love helping women build a system they can trust to manage allllll the tasks and get them done – and not get buried underneath them.

So, an email like the one I got from my incredible client Emily recently made my day/life…

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Welcome! We're all about realistic time management designed for professional working women here in this little pocket of the internet. I'm glad you're here.

Ever been in a work meeting listening to someone talk, think of something you want to say, and then struggle to keep listening while simultaneously remembering the point you want to make?⠀

It’s hard! I basically can’t do it. Either I effectively stop listening or lose my thought entirely. ⠀

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So, color-coding your calendar is basically the same as using Outlook/Google Calendar sub-calendars, right?

While color-coding is a great first step, nope!

At first glance, calendars using them may look the same. Both show different parts of your calendar in different colors.

But sub-calendars take that visual clarity to a whole new level.⠀

I love this distinction between color-coding and sub-calendars because it highlights a major goal of mine: my goal is NOT just to have you walk away with a pretty calendar. If so, let’s just color-code it and call it a day.

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White space ENCOURAGED.⠀

When I recommend calendaring all of your activities, that does NOT mean “calendar every minute of your day.”⠀

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On a to-do list, all tasks take up a short line. But some will take 5 minutes. Others 5 days. Some require your best energy. Others can be done when you’re tired. Some require an office to be open when you make the call. Others can be done late on a Sunday night. ⠀

But you don’t know any of that looking at a to-do list. Instead, every single time you look at the list to decide what to do next, you have to do all those mental gymnastics in your head before you even start. ⠀

This is why I love throwing tasks in your calendar. By tying a task to a date, time and window of time, you can schedule it for when your energy is best, when the office is open, break a big task down into smaller steps, and decide when to work on it with time before the deadline. ⠀

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[heads up: lightbulb moment below]⠀

Sometimes the “what do I prioritize?” question blurs with the “work-life balance” concept. You know — when the competing priorities vying for your time are work and family/fun. How do you prioritize/find the balance?⠀

This next point made by @lvanderkam had me smiling and saying, “yessssss” out loud like the nerd I am as I drove and listened to her book on Audible.⠀

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If I asked you to prioritize three things but didn’t tell you what steps each required or how much time they’d take – well, you’re already frustrated by the question, right? I am.

If you don’t have one place where you can see everything on your plate in a visual, clear way, that’s basically what you’re doing to yourself every day.⠀

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While I live in California, my happy place is Colorado. If you also have a happy place in another state or travel for work, just a reminder that starting October 1 of this year, our normal driver’s licenses won’t cut it. You’ll need a federally-compliant card called a REAL ID (or your passport) to fly domestically.

Part of my goal when it comes to time management is to help you avoid those last-minute scrambles. To that end, I just want to make sure you’re aware of and acting to be ready for this big change.

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It ain’t sexy. But it’s effective.⠀

Want to make 2020 one for the books — hitting your business and personal goals out of the park?⠀

It all comes back to the time you devote to them.⠀

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Realistic time management designed for professional working women

I'm a former big law attorney who got overwhelmed as a first year and slowly pieced together a time/task management system that actually reduced my stressed, helped me stay on top of it all (and know it), feel confident drawing boundaries, and soak in time with my family and friends. I'd love to get you there, too.

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